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How do you make android app without Android Studio
I want to make something like?QuickEdit, but i'm confused where should i do for making an android app without android studio.
Yeah bcuz my?[Image: Potato.png] laptop can't handle it.
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Well i use react native which is simplified for dudes that know react there are frameworks that got a native version u might wana take a look at that
Xamarin all you need is VSCode and C# knowlage
Try Flutter, it's easy way to develop nice apps. You can use Visual Studio Code with a plugin to set everything up
I agree with Gforcez, recently I've started developing my frontend part of a mobile app in Flutter framework and I must say it is delightful and very suggestible making the code writing under a logic tree of objects.
A plus is that this is a cross-platform framework written in Dart language from Google, and I think it is one of the next biggest languages that will come into companies.

But yes, this is just for the frontend experience, but for backend I suggest to go for a Java/C#/Python written in server. I use always a C# server for any type of app by configuring it to run on linux under a docker.

However I have to say this framework is the best for an app that doesn't requires complex algorithms that requires optimisation and performance, like a mobile antivirus, memory cleaner, and other stuffs that works with the OS of the mobile. But if your app is like an Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and other apps that keeps the bussiness logic in the server and not on the client, then I suggest to make an app in a native way, with Android Studio for Android and Swift/Objective-C for IOS.
I'd suggest you either React-Native, Vue Native or NativeScript (Angular).
@dakyskye everywhere
I believe most recent android OS have inbuilt support for JAVA. You can make your application in Java.
Literally every Android OS supports Java - that was the idea from the start. Recent versions have actually started promoting Kotlin over Java as it is a much better language. I, however, would not bother with Flutter. Google have a long long long history of abandoning projects very quickly, I'm actually surprised they chose dart for this - it is a language they have tried and failed to get off the ground for over a decade now.
Ionic is a simple solution for this. Nativescript is also good.
My team have maind Android apps using Ionic and Flutter.

For stupid simple apps you can even make them using web technologies and make an app as a webview only.
I'd personally use Xamarin Forms with C# as Banditul suggested earlier; however, if you prefer something even easier, there's an Android app on the store named "DroidScript" that lets you make Android apps in Javascript directly on your device, or in your web browser if your PC and Android device are in the same network.
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