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Looking for a new server/community to join!
Hi friends! Long-ish time, no see :(

I have terrible internet now so SA-MP is probably one of few online games I can play in the limited time I have to play games lol

I want to find a new server to play and be a part of. I'm a bit out of the loop these days, so I'm not sure what's still popular, what's still good, etc.

Please leave your suggestions below, but ONLY if they meet the criteria that I list below. This is not an opportunity to advertise servers that aren't relevant to the thread!

What I'm looking for in a server:

- Active, regular players. Server has a decent number of players online 24/7

- Main language is English, staff are fluent in English and easy to communicate with (it's fine if players speak other languages in game!)

- GOOD STAFF. I guess I'm looking for a server that isn't super strict. No power-trippy 14 year old bullshit anymore. I'm a grown-ass adult now and want to play with other grown-ass adults (maybe I'm in the wrong place? lmao)

- ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT. Dev team that actively works on improving the server, implementing suggestions and bug fixes etc.

- THINGS TO WORK TOWARDS. I like games where I can spend time grinding for results. Achievements, missions, ranks, jobs - that sort of thing. Things I can do by myself when no friends are online.

- THINGS TO DO WITH FRIENDS. I also want to be able to play with friends. Group activities etc

That's pretty much it, I think.

I enjoy things like owning houses etc but it's not a deal-breaker if the server doesn't have those features.

I've never really played RP servers but I'm willing to try low-level ones for now, if they are good.

Happy to play round-based servers like Sumo etc too.

Basically I just want to have a good time with and without friends, and be a part of a good community again :)

So show me what's out there please! ?

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