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[Gamemode] RogueDrifterZ source code (SQLITE)

Gtihub: https://github.com/RogueDrifter/RogueDrifterZ-Drift


Simply install to your project:

sampctl package install RogueDrifter/RogueDrifterZ-Drift

Make sure to include all components and compile the Main file as the gamemode.


You probably never heard of this, drifting in samp isn't that big, but this was an impact to my life and a few others.

Quote:RDZ is shutting down, the end to what me and @GoodBoii[RDZ] started back in 2015, and a special thanks to @WeirdASF (Eatmysmoke) the person who this server wouldn't have made it beyond 2017 due to his unlimited and by unlimited i mean the greatest ever help i ever had, the forums will always be up because its free to host, the online host will shut on the 21st of Feb.
(Copy pasted from discord)

Details you need to know

To gain access to add an admin edit your name through the RDZ-Admins include and use /gainaccess then you can do /makeadmin (It's like an rcon thing depending on your name)

You should also edit the server ip and forum through the RDZ-Inners file to the random messages being sent You also need to edit your discord channel ids from the 0000's through the RDZ-Init and Main files You also should edit the Andy[RDZ] name inside the /gainaccess command in the RDZ-Admins file

There a few unfinished things, this wasn't really a big thing it was just me and close friends and memories, drifting in samp isn't that big, the GPS, drug dealer and dialogs are unfinished until this point I don't know if i'll update this again.

RDZ ref

The references to RDZ are too much for me to remove but i did replace things wtih 'Server' Kindly don't use the server name and re-host it claiming it to be us or me.

You can contribute by doing a PR or editing it privately to your own will but anything refering as credits to me or anyone is not to be removed.


I'm not much of a scripter anymore my portal on how to do anything was sa-mp so this is how i got to know everything This is my first SQL script and my second modular-way script so don't expect it to be top notch but it was decent enough for me.


You will find dependencies in the release section, you will also find a zip of the server you can use to run on your windows attached in the releases as well. This was ran and built using sampctl, you can take all the legacy and dependencies and drop them in an includes folder if you're using pawno or whatever.

Christmas-mod and 0.3.7DL

You will find in the Main file two definitions if you run 0.3.7DL then comment out the enable R2 version (It will automatically include a few files like the maps and stuff for VC and LC and a few skin add-ons that i had) And the christmas part will give you a few commands and it will cover the whole map in snow alongside falling snow.

Separated folders

I understand that the constant part alongside my anti-cheat should've been dependencies as well but i was trying to do a few changes on my own when i faced issues thats why i just dropped them all in a folder where i thought they'd be constant as in me rarely editing them, but yeah. easier for you, easier for me.


To the part where i should state what this had but I can't be bothered, it's just a drift server, a drift counter, a few drift battle events, stats save along with levels and a few events like the team deathmatch and the monster knock-out, a job like the cops one where u can chase wanted people and put them in jail, it's got my anti cheat on it and you will find shops all over the map if you use the database i provided as i created a little SQL script that enables you to create shops you'll find the command inside its just /createshop and you choose it then it'll be there for good (Saved inside the database). There's also a house system which is /createhouse [name] where it will create a house and allow players to do /home or whatever to teleport to it, all of this is done in-game.

I will upload the database with shops all over the map later, it has mapicons, npcs you can interact with (dialogs were never finished but you can finish them) and the interiors ofc.

You will find a lot of showcases to my server on this youtube channel if you want: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoaXM9N...UJw/videos

EDIT: The shops will be in a .csv file you can import as a table using the SQLiteDatabaseBrowser software (Attached file on repository)

TOTAL: 144 shops
[Image: github.png]

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