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It's been silent lately and it's kinda like we are dying in here and so hopefully with all your cooperation let's have fun answering my questions, it's not many just a couple but please. Don't keep your answers to a minimum of a sentence, feel the question and make sure that you answer it to an utmost level. :D

1. Let's talk about the server you liked the most? Which one and why?(There will be no list since everyone has a preferred server within the thousands that have been upped from the community)

2. Since the beginning of SA-MP life, recollect upon yourself of which times did you have fun? Had you had friends to enjoy all this and how did you enjoy yourselves?(I will not care if you did cheating, hacking and everything just tell the story. It's a story after all and anything you did goes. The important point is that YOU HAD FUN!)

3. Do you wish to make a repeat of that fun you had? Or do you wish to create new memories? Do you wish to meet the friends you've found in the old SA-MP?

4. Lastly, what do you wish to see in the future?(Make this as detailed as possible, this is literally just for future prospects, creators or server owners to see. Some might add what they read here and some might not)


You may delete this part

Note: I hope you have take your time thinking your answers through.

Note 2: Thank you for taking the time to answer this questions. :D

Before running my own servers, I vaguely remember enjoying "Caligua's Sztunt Szerver" a ton! I can't really remember much about it unfortunately, it was over a decade ago. But I made friends with someone on there that I still know today!

Aside from that, I'm going to sound like a massive narcissist here but Scavenge and Survive - there was a period where I stopped developing it and just played. The community was amazing, the gaming experiences I had with friends were amazing, it was a really fun few years.

One last honourable mention is "East-South Cheating Server", it was a s0beit server and it was great fun! Basically just a bunch of people playing with vehicle handling and scripts and seeing who could get the best handling setups that were fast but still controlled well around corners etc. Hacking isn't good in regular servers, but when everyone has hacks it's not only fair but also a lot of fun!
Moving Target Gaming Roleplay for me. 100%.

I met a bunch of friends on that from years ago. From around 2012 - 2018 ish. I met up with 5 of them already. 4 lived in my country, and we recently flew out to see one of the guys we met. We've literally been talking everyday for the last couple of years, and it's been a good journey. Bunch of legends.

The community on MT-G was amazing, we all knew each other because it wasn't such a massive server. Sadly the server is gone, but thankfully we're still talking as friends.

SA-MP alone has really been a journey for everyone, no matter how many times I said I'd quit, I would always come back. I'm over it now though, I find it fun to develop here and there but never actually release the servers.?

Koky's DM is a server I opened. Learned so much, and actually managed to do well somehow. Thought me one main thing, which was to just fucking go for it. It's literally worth the shot no matter what, you'll get 2 outcomes, it's gonna go well or it's gonna flop and you'll learn why. KDM literally has made me meet some of the best developers around and I only learned from them. I actually gave the server away because I was not putting my full effort in and I felt like the community needed to be improved.?

Other than that, I've met some legends like J0shES(prick), TommyB(retard coder, although him and J0sh thought me a lot), Southclaws (helped me a lot), and all other idiots I haven't mentioned, I'm sure you guys know who you are.

Worst server I've ever played? RC-RP.?

Best? Koky's DM.

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