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  Check if two weapons are in same slot
Posted by: JasonDeRue - 2023-05-05, 08:16 AM - Forum: Pawn Scripting - No Replies

Hello, I'm making a weapon/save load system to MySQL and it seems working but I have a problem.

I need something to check if two weapons are in the same slot because now the save system inserts 2 rows in the table.


I buy Spas12, weapon gets inserted in the table, but if I buy sawn off, the weapon gets inserted in the table so I have 2 weapons of the same slot saved.

I need to avoid this.

This is the save code:

public GivePlayerWeaponEx(playerid, weaponid, ammo)
    new wepQuery[300];

        mysql_format(g_SQL, wepQuery, sizeof(wepQuery), "INSERT INTO `weapons` (`userid`, `weaponid`, `ammo`) VALUES (%d, %d, %d) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ammo = %d",
        ReturnAccDbID(playerid), weaponid, ammo, GetPlayerAmmo(playerid) + ammo);
        mysql_pquery(g_SQL, wepQuery);
    return GivePlayerWeapon(playerid, weaponid, ammo);

  RevolutionX DM/Stunt
Posted by: CJ101 - 2023-04-12, 10:33 PM - Forum: Advertisements - No Replies



Who We Are

RevolutionX has always been a server that lets players explore the world of Grand Theft Auto like never before. The server offers endless ways to entertain yourself. This includes minigames, stunts, deathmatching, races, so much more.


Offering more than 50+ minigames for our players, we have plenty of them to choose from. Take on a team deathmatch, play a capture the flag, or join a survival minigame.

More games include:

  1. gun specific games like minigun deathmatch and more
  2. capture the flag
  3. jetpack minigame
  4. find easter eggs around the map

VIP Package

Upgrade your game play, for no cost at all. Players who stick around receive VIP, which allows for race building, object building, and more.

  Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
Posted by: mihaiandrey2008 - 2023-04-12, 03:37 AM - Forum: Support - No Replies

hello, I've been a developer on a new gamemode of mine for a few days and I'm getting this error

[debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
[debug] AMX backtrace:
[debug] #0 00346a94 in OnDialogResponse (playerid=0, dialogid=177, response=1, listitem=0, inputtext[][email protected] "Owned vehicles", ... <1073741818 arguments>) at D:\SAMP\endless\gamemodes\end.pwn:35756
[debug] #1 0000d038 in public OnDialogResponse (... <5 arguments>) at D:\SAMP\endless\pawno\include\YSI_Coding\..\YSI_Internal\y_cgen.inc:30

https://pastebin.com/XiPnuvxx - line 29

  GTA SA MP || Script Show Case #2 || TrashMan Job
Posted by: iamboss486 - 2023-04-09, 08:49 PM - Forum: Videos and Screenshots - No Replies

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE0JiEM52bk]

  B-Discord ( ALL VERSIONS )
Posted by: iamboss486 - 2023-04-09, 08:08 PM - Forum: Filterscripts - No Replies


B-Discord is a  filter script that seamlessly connects games to Discord and serves as a logging tool. With its advanced admin commands, B-Discord enables server owners to control the system with ease. This versatile filterscript is an invaluable addition to your samp gaming community, providing real-time updates and alerts to players and administrators alike. Whether you're managing a large serveror simply looking to enhance your gaming experience, B-Discord is the ideal solution for staying connected and in control.

Version ( 1.0 )
1 - In-game chat feature. 2 - Discord commands like - /players , /serverinfo , /ip , /commands. 3 - Command log system (for this you have to shift the code to your main script). 4 - Server start message. 5 - The player connect/disconnect messages. 6 - Fixed discord command include.
-New admin channel
-Added pm commands now you can view in-game private messages in your admin discord channel
-Admin command can only be used in the admin channel
-Now you can set your discord bot status (Online, idle, do not disturb)
-Now you can set your discord bot custom status from the line - 84
-All messages converted into bold.
Download - > Github

Version ( 1.1 )
(/)Several Changes in B-Discord system
(/) Command "acmds" is modified
(/) All the admin commands are modified
(/) !players command is also modified

(+) Security System
(+) A new security channel introduced
(+) If any players try to login through rcon then the message containing the players IP, name, id & password which he used will be sent
in the discord security channel
(+) Players private information like their IP, His ping, His health, His name, His id will be sent to the security channel when connected
and it will be re-sended when the player disconnects.
(+) New commands
(+) !ban command --> this command will rcon ban any player
(+) !credits command
(+) All commands re-scripted
(-) Removed GeoIP include as it was not working + many players wore having problems getting it

Download - > Github

Version ( 1.2 )

In this release, we mostly focused on bug fixing as there were many.
(/) = Changes
(*) = New added
(+) = added
(-) = removed

(/) Now you have to put your channel ids after macros.
(+) New Admin Commands
-!time --> Briefs you with the ingame time
-!giveallcash --> This command can be used to give all the players a certain amount of money
-!giveallscore --> This command can be used to give all the players a cetain amount of score
-!healall --> Gives all the players 100%health
-!armourall --> Gives all the players 100%armour
-!explode --> This command will create a explosion near the targeted player
(-) Security messages which indicate players ping , IP , client versions have been removed as it gives the wrong information while disconnection.
() Kick command fixed
() Announce command fixed
(+) Added emojis(just for fun)
(-) Pm command removed
(/) spec command changed to getstatus
(/) RESTART command CMD
(*) aslap command fixed
(/) say command
(/) Player command
(+) Bot Activity system is now modified
-Bot activity will show how many players are online on your server
-It depends upon cases like if 0 players are online then the statement will be different and so on.
-Bot Presence Status changes according to player count
- if player count is 0 bot presence will be online
- if the player count is 1 bot presence will be idle
- if player count is more than 1 bot presence will do not disturb
- You can change this. Here are all available statuses you can use

Download - > Github

Version ( 1.3 ) *LATEST

We are excited to announce some recent updates and improvements to our script!
We have added a new feature that displays info , cmds , acmds commands & security message in Discord embeds, making it easier and more intuitive for users to access important information.
For improved logging, we have replaced the "bosslogs" function with two new functions, "DiscordSendLog" and "DiscordSendLogTarget".
We have also optimized the script for improved performance, ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently.
We believe that these updates will greatly enhance the user experience and provide a more secure and reliable system.
Thank you for your continued support and feedback, which helps us to improve our script and deliver the best possible experience for our users.

Special Thanks to 

Download - > Github (RECOMMENDED)

  GTA-Toplist.com | Your GTA Multiplayer Toplist
Posted by: GTA-Toplist - 2023-04-09, 11:07 AM - Forum: Advertisements - No Replies

Hello Community,
we would like to introduce you our new project "GTA-Toplist.com".
After a long development time, we have now since 18.01.2023 our project online!

You can find a short overview about the project here:

What is GTA-Toplist.com ?
A platform for players who are looking for a GTA server & game server administrators who want to promote their server.
On our site you can find a server by criteria, ranking, categories, votes or online players.
Put your server on the top list and get more attention for your project
or find a new server together with your friends.

What multiplayer clients are supported on our site ?
FiveM, RageMP, altV and SA:MP.

Why another toplist page on the Internet ?
Maybe someone asks this question, but we can answer it very well!
Our plan behind the project is not to be another one of the many toplists,
but we want to focus only on GTA multiplayer clients and that's why we decided to create this project.

Why should you submit your server to us ?
We would like to support you as a server and contribute to the fact
that you get a further attention in the scene and thus win new players for your project.
After successful registration on our website, you can vote together with your community,
vote for your server and get to the top of the toplist.
We currently have +20,000 views per month & +300 visitors daily on our website!

Where do we offer that you can advertise a server ?
We offer you 2 possibilities and that completely free of charge!
1. simply register on our website and enter your server.
2. we also offer you the possibility to advertise on our Discord server.
Just have a look, because you can find all information in the Discord.

What kind of features does our project have ?
We have not only our website, where the voting is made as user-friendly as possible.
You can easily vote for a server every 12 hours via your Steam or Discord account.
We also have a Discord Vote Bot that you can invite to your server and use to vote for your respective server.
Scripts for the respective multiplayer clients are currently in development, so that you and your community will soon no longer have to search for the way on GTA-Toplist.com, but can easily vote in-game for your respective server!

Long story short.
We would be happy if you support our project by adding your server to the Toplist.
If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach us on our Discord server.

Useful links:
Discord: https://discord.gg/gtatoplist
Website: https://gta-toplist.com/

  United Generation Roleplay
Posted by: Vukasin - 2023-04-08, 11:11 AM - Forum: Advertisements - Replies (1)

This is roleplay server with similar to NGG script. It was recently launched, and features are still being added on regular basis.
Discord : https://discord.gg/kJfGqvMB

Server Name: United Generation Roleplay
Server IP:

  [English] Tierra Robada Roleplay
Posted by: Vicee - 2023-04-07, 01:42 PM - Forum: Advertisements - Replies (1)

Tierra Robada Roleplay is a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer Heavy Roleplay server and community located in the County of Tierra Robada, in the State of San Andreas, primarily the Town of Bayside, El Quebrados, and its surroundings. This is a community where you have a chance to prosper and become what you have always imagined, of course, success comes with work and effort. The community offers you a wide range of opportunities. We invite you to join us today and to invite your friends to experience the charms of roleplay.

Discord: https://discord.gg/CbnGkKYp

[Image: 7946efs6x4sa1.png?width=942&format=png&a...83ed006900]

[Image: vxmxasi4x4sa1.png?width=735&format=png&a...e372508643]

[Image: chzndo55x4sa1.png?width=1241&format=png&...7cf551842e]

[Image: d8o7avu0x4sa1.png?width=1920&format=png&...b89bd1b072]

[Image: U9SIS1R.jpg]

[Image: 6YURljh.jpg]

[Image: LuWGYut.jpg]

[Image: hayvxad1x4sa1.png?width=1202&format=png&...696a2a84dc]

[Image: owanq3u5x4sa1.png?width=1920&format=png&...0d2f2d08d2]

[Image: zgku2614x4sa1.png?width=1920&format=png&...4b33da3296]

[Image: lppdjkd6x4sa1.png?width=1366&format=png&...79db3f38a4]

[Image: er9hw408x4sa1.png?width=1202&format=png&...bab7632577]

  Join The San Andreas Guild - The Ultimate Discord Community for SAMP Players!
Posted by: schizo - 2023-04-07, 01:43 AM - Forum: Advertisements - No Replies

[Image: pFiGQKj.png]

Looking for a community of passionate SA-MP players? Look no further! The San Andreas Guild is here to provide you with a fun, welcoming and engaging experience. Our Discord server is designed to connect SA-MP players from around the world, providing them with a platform to discuss strategies, find fellow players and share their experiences.
Our server features a variety of channels to cater to your every need. Whether you're looking to find fellow players, get tips and tricks, share your in-game experiences or just chill out and have fun, we've got you covered.

Our channels include:

📢 Announcements - Stay up to date with the latest news and events.
🎮 General Chat - Discuss everything related to SA-MP and other games.
🎧 Music - Listen to your favorite tunes or share your own.
🎬 Media - Share your in-game screenshots and videos.
🔍 Looking for Group - Find players to join your game or join other players' games.
📜 Modding Showcase - Share your modding creations or find mods to enhance your gaming experience.
👮‍♂️ Report a User - Report any issues or rule-breaking behavior to our moderators.

As a SA-MP developer, you'll have access to a special role in our discord and a whole category dedicated to server development discussions. Whether you're interested in scripting, mapping, or other technical aspects of SA-MP server creation, our community is here to help. Our members are always happy to offer advice and share resources, including links to useful websites and YouTube channels.

We are currently looking to hire moderators to help maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all members. If you're interested, please reach out to the google forms: Moderator Application Form for The San Andreas Guild Discord Server

Join The San Andreas Guild today and become part of a thriving SA-MP community!
Join our discord server!

  Removed ..................
Posted by: Baloch - 2023-03-30, 03:15 PM - Forum: Gamemodes - Replies (4)

Removed...................by file owner